June 8, 2011

Run to Hurley's, stop at Mondial de la Biere?

So looking at the weather reports for the last few days it's looked like yet again nature was not going to be kind to us.  Luckily, current reports show skies clearing and the temp dropping to near 21-22 around 7PM tomorrow night.  Location is now Hurley's given its better proximity to the Mondial de la Biere happening at Place Bonaventure.  If anyone is interested that should be a fun way to cap off their first beer run. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh wonderful, Greg! I will be all day in Hilton Bonaventure (until 3) then gotta go home but really would like to join u (getting reeelly rusty my body's aching for a good jog!) well, anyways, will try to be there at 7. Maria (i like your labels very bilingue:)