March 25, 2014

Almost ready to Start Running and T-SHIRTS!!!

Alright everyone, it's that time again but for real now. T-SHIRTS ARE COMING, AND FOR ONLY $20! I finally got the samples of the shirts today, and they are a nice 50% cotton 50% polyester blend dry wick material. I actually prefer this for two reasons. 1. It's Montreal and sometimes 100% polyester in the summer or on a cold night is disaster and 2. It actually becomes a shirt that can be worn for other things besides running (for those that are still anxious about that part of things).

So here is the link to the pre-order below: This is the only way to guarantee that I buy your size. While I do anticipate buying extras it won't be a lot so it will be at your own risk. To give people guidance I fit the MEDIUM best and Lauren seemed to do well with a SMALL. Money in advance is also greatly appreciated since as most of you know I do have a wedding to start planning for.

I should see everyone Wednesday later in the evening too if there are any more questions.

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