April 28, 2014

Bar Change- T-shirt Update and More

Hi Everybody,

We've had an awesome turnout already here in April even with the terrible weather, so for those of you waiting to see if this thing is real or not you gotta come check it out yourself.

Because we're getting so big I decided we needed to change up from Yer Mad, especially since there isn't really any food there, so Brutopia it is.

Also, we may, *may* get the T-shirts in for Wednesday.  If so, we will distribute immediately.  If not, I will probably have them later this week and will bring them along for next Wednesday as well.  If you want it before then just ask me and I'll work something out.

Also, if anyone is interested the Half & Full Marathon rates are going up on Thursday, so if you want to save a few bucks and commit now here's the link.  http://ca.competitor.com/montreal/inscription.

Here's another link for anyone that really wants to become an ultimate beer runner.  http://www.craftbrewraces.com/stowe/.  Yes, that's right, running directly into a beer festival.  I'll be going, and I'm sure there will be more cars headed down as well so book off June 14th on your calendar today.

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