January 30, 2013

Yes it's warm, no we won't run + Race Info

Ice is never your friend people.  #1 it keeps your beer too cold, #2 it'll try to kill you while running (yes, the order is important).  So don't get too excited with the brief warm spot as the melting snow is just exposing the worst of the ice. 

In other news though, as our thoughts turn to warmer weather, there are several great races this year that should be on your radar.  Info on the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and Marathon are below:

Spartan Race:
May 25 & 26
Until March 1st: $80 individual, $75 group of 4+, $72.50 group of 10+

Tough Mudder:
July 6 & 7
Until Feb 21st: $105 for July 6, $95 for July 7

Oasis Marathon (Half-marathon)
September 22:
Until Jan 31 (tomorrow), $75 half-marathon, $90 marathon
Until May 31, $90 half-marathon, $105 marathon

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