April 2, 2013

April Destinations Up- Official 1st run of 2013

Welcome everyone to the official 2013 Montreal Beer Runners schedule!  While it may be a chilly start for the season, it promises to be quite the year for us.  We are looking to spread the word of our mission this year, so we've stepped up our presence to do so. 

Here are our other resources for getting the word out to the community at large:

Meetup.com (free, great resource for anyone)- http://www.meetup.com/Montreal-Beer-Runners/ 
Facebook (c'mon, everyone uses this)- https://www.facebook.com/groups/392120524189223/

We love our first destination, Brasserie Cherrier, and they have been good to us since we started.  Please remember to bring cash, and bring an appetite for the great kitchen of Flamme!

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