November 27, 2012

Last Run of the Season- Special Announcement

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to start by thanking all the great people that have joined us for our first full year of runs and especially those who have made us a part of each and every Wednesday night.  It's a great group, and we're not going to let it end just yet.  Though the weather is getting more and more cumbersome for running, we're gonna keep the party going, even after this last run to 3 Brasseurs.

Which leads to the special announcement of the week.  While this will be the last official Beer Run of the 2012 season, we will be bypassing the run portion and simply become the Montreal Beer (Drinkers, Drinking Society, something like that).  We will keep Wednesday night alive, but now we will start at 9 by meeting directly at our destination.  Keep an eye on the website and facebook group for the locations every week, and feel free to come at any time.  We'll aim to put our running shoes back on in March or April, once there's no more ice.

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