March 25, 2013

Running doubtful for Wednesday, guaranteed for April 3rd

Well the weather forecast does seem to be fluctuating on a daily basis right now, but given the amount of melting snow and possibility for more rain/snow between today and Wednesday, we most likely won't be running this week.  I am hereby guaranteeing though that we will start April 3rd, rain or shine (there can't be more snow, right?).  We will start with some quick, easy runs to get everybody back into the groove, but do expect the recommended routes to get a bit longer this year compared to last.

Again, please remind your friends/co-workers/anyone who is a beer drinker or advocate of using their feet that this is one of the best clubs in the city.  We are looking to spread the word to all corners of the city this year and get people out enjoying the experience.

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