March 5, 2013

Welcome March, goodbye snow?

Well people, it looks like hopefully we've gotten past the worst of what winter can offer.  It's now time for sugar shacks, less ice, and hopefully more running.  While we're not gonna be so dumb as to jump the gun and get running quite yet, we could be looking at starting around the end of the month if things progress as they are.

In the meantime, we've got a few great bars lined up for the month.  The first few may not be as runner friendly, so we want to get them out of the way sooner than later.  Hurley's will be our St. Patty's warm-up, so for those that want to be good and ready for the weekend this is the best way to get your practice in.

Ideas will be kicking around soon about shirts, new members, new destinations, and the whole lot.  Come join us and give your input, and let's make it a great summer to run.

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