November 4, 2014

Winter Season is Here!

Hello All,

Sorry it has been a while since we have posted on here; most of our action now takes place on Meetup or Facebook.  So, if you want to check us out on either of those, here are the links:

Anyways, we've had another great running season, but just because the weather is no longer our friend or you can't see a thing at night after 5 doesn't mean we can't still have fun.  Everything has officially shifted to now being 8:30 meeting times, DIRECTLY AT THE END DESTINATION.  Doesn't mean you can't run there if you want, in fact we'll give you mad props for doing so, but I cannot in good consciousness ask any of you to do so when I will not do it myself.

We still have shirts and a great group, so don't be afraid to come join or ask to see what we have left for shirts, still $20 with most sizes still available!

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