July 6, 2014

T-Shirts, Photos, and other General Annoucements

Hello Everyone,

We've been having another stellar summer, and no doubt our new T-Shirts are helping to turn heads each and every run.  There are plenty of shirts left for sale, and only $20 each.  If you want one shoot me a message @ greg.illson@gmail.com or by leaving a comment here or on our facebook page.  I will bring limited numbers of shirts to each run, so to be sure I have the right colour and size for you tell me in advance.

I am also noticing that we are a group that still can do more to raise our profile.  I am putting a new challenge out to all members and friends to come take more and better pictures of us.  We're such a beautiful group but no one will ever know it without pictures!

Otherwise if you are someone who has simply stumbled onto this page and have no clue what is going on, I encourage you to take the leap and come meet us at Tam Tams any Wednesday at 7pm to find out.  If you're a fan of beer at all this is the club for you.

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