April 30, 2016

Welcome Back to Running for 2016!

Hello to all Beer Runners and Future Beer Runners,

Welcome back for 2016!  We have finished our winter of drinking practice and are ready to begin running again! It is time to work off those extra beers from the winter season and enjoy the beautiful Montreal weather while it lasts. So, without further ado, we are back to 7PM and we are back to running!

I do hope to encourage more new runners to join us this year, we have a fantastic core of anywhere from 12-25 every week, and love getting to see new faces.  So please, head to Tam Tams on Wednesdays, find the group full of Red & Gold Beer Runner T-Shirts ($20, limited stock still available), and come see why we keep doing this crazy thing and love it after many, many years.



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