September 18, 2012

Changes Are Happening- Pay Attention!

Ok people, listen up, we've got a lot going on, and with big natural changes we've got to keep up.  Since it's getting dark much earlier now, on top of moving the runs up to 7PM we have to change the meeting spot to somewhere with light.  Luckily, the Tam Tams statue has lights and is close to the gazebo, so that is an easy one.

Secondly, due to some members having an event tomorrow evening, we swapped the destination of the run to Brasserie Cherrier from Typhoon to keep everyone closer to downtown.  We will still get to Typhoon the week after before the weather starts to really get the best of us.

So, to recap:
1. Meeting time is now 7PM at Tam Tams Statue
2. This week is Brasserie Cherrier, map is on the right hand side.

Rain or shine, we'll still be going!

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