September 10, 2012

Beer Running- The Scientific Side

So as word of the running club has been infiltrating conversation around Montreal, many people have speculated and questioned the validity of drinking beer after a run.  Some turn up their nose at the idea of being at a bar post-exercise and sweaty, some think that you are doing more harm than good for yourself.

Well, since there is no run update to give this week I instead offer a science update.  Below are two articles pertaining to the science of beer running, the first being an example directly from Dr. Manuel J Castillo-Garzon, MD, whose research inspired the original Fishtown Beer Runners club in Philadelphia.  The second is another research study summary written about from the New York Times Health & Science section.  While its science appears solid, I cannot help but question the amount of fun non-alcoholic beer offers compared to the real thing.

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