September 4, 2012

September Runs Are Up- Other Announcements

Hello Fellow Runners:

We have some big changes going on with the club, and I'm not just talking about the weather outside.

1. Following the Lance Armstrong run where there was definitely some new interest among those who did not know us before, we decided there's no better time for a run to Benelux in a "Choose Your Own Adventure" run, where everyone can choose their own distance to go, seeing as the destination is so close.

2. September 12- There is a significant event that many of the club will attend that is in no way related to Beer Running sadly, so I have not chosen a location, though anyone who still wants to take up the standard and find something is more than welcome.

3. Runs are now officially moved up to 7PM starting this month as the sunlight is fading away quickly on us.  This is however in now way a sign that the club will be closing shop any time soon, we aim to run until the threat of our beer being frozen waiting for us as the bar is a distinct possibility.

4.  If you haven't yet, make sure to join the facebook page for more info, announcements, and silliness related to beer and running.

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