October 22, 2012

More Great Weather- Halloween Destination Needed

This really has been a fantastic year for us runners, lots of good weather (especially on Wednesdays) to really make beer running the place to be.  Looking at this week it's gonna be around 10 degrees again for the run, and the destination is one of the top beer bars in the city; easily the best located too!  The Saint Bock has almost 30 craft brews from all over the province including some award winners that they make on their own.

Also, more details regarding the mystery Halloween run are coming.  So far we know that it will begin around 6PM rather than 7, and start with meeting together so that everyone gets all zombie-fied together as we prepare to give some other runners a delightful scare.  Keep your eyes posted here and on facebook  for more details as they come.

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