October 29, 2012

Halloween Update- Brasserie Cherrier

Ok everyone, here's the wednesday plan:

We will meet up at 1400 Ave des pins west, Apt 701 (that's Lauren and my place), 6PM. We have zombie make-up artists waiting on hand to help those of us that are challenged in that area.

Once prepped, we'll get out to the mountain and create general mayhem. We plan to have one, perhaps two videographers to record the experience. Once we're done, we'll head off to probably one of the favorite Beer Runners Destinations, Brasserie Cherrier on St. Denis (
3638 Rue Saint Denis).  Remember...THE BAR IS CASH ONLY.

If you plan on having friends join or meet us after, they are welcome for any of it. I would assume we hit the bars around 7:45-8PM

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