June 11, 2014

Photo Op Tonight for MTL Blog

Hey Everyone,

Sorry not to be so active here, we do much more on Meetup.com and facebook nowadays, but for those of you that still follow us here, we have a lot going on now.  Mostly, the shirts are doing their job and gathering attention for us.  So much so that now MTL Blog wants to do a little piece on us.  As a result, I quickly realized that we are significantly lacking in group and action shots of us.  So, let's fix that tonight.

I will bring a fair amount of shirts to Tam Tams with me.  Some of you I still owe a shirt to, some may want them for the photos.  Either way, we'll try to get some shots of us at the beginning, maybe some action shots, and of course the end at St. Amboise.  So bring your smiles, drink your beer, and come have some fun tonight.

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